International Investments

Market independent with Alternative Investments instead of bonds or stocks - Switzerland, Australia, USA, EU, Spain

Alternative Investments for portfolios with future 

  • Real Estate
  • Off Market Real Estate ∅ 3-9% p.a. return (depending on financing),
    as affordable multifamily residences (MFH’s) for 1-750 mio CHF,
    in niche markets mainly in Switzerland, West Europe and USA (Sun Belt)

  • Green Energy
  • Biofuel with Recyling (ISCC EU), Green Computing (heating with 5G-data)
  • Solar Parks – Wind Parks ∅ 6-12% p.a. return (depending on financing),
    in operation “Income” or as project “Growth”, available 1-1200 MW power
  • Various
  • Gold – Battery Metals Australia ∅ 10% p.a. return (approved by major EU bank, see “Why Buffet goes Gold Mining”), Fine wine, Gemstones certified
  • Supply-Chain Finance selection with strict ratings & short term cycles,
    highly diversified P2P-Crowdinvesting portfolios with stable returns

Alternative Investments - For your portfolio direct real assets

Alternative Investments as diversification of an equity cluster risk

Because of increasingly volatile financial investments like traditional stock markets with their continuing up and down movements, meanwhile real alternative investments are the fastest growing investment form. Did your banking advisor show you which diversification grade and risks he applied for the result of returns?

The proportion of alternative investments in the portfolios for example of pension funds in Switzerland has increased continuously since the turn of the millennium.
The Swiss pension funds do gain by far not anymore their target returns. A lot of pension funds both at Switzerland and abroad enlarge intentionally the asset class alternative investments selectively and diversified. The trend in real values will continue.

But not everything called real alternative investments must also be complex. Interesting opportunities are the above listed real assets. Like as sustainable diversification of your investment portfolios multifamily residences, solar parks in operation, solar projects or recycled biofuel converting environmental waste problem into energy.

Building robust portfolios in unsafe times – Always one step ahead

Alternative Investments - Better returns & interest rates at less volatility

The fast and complex globalisation demands for different approaches to defend your portfolio against volatility and instability. The zero interest rate policy costs already hundreds of billions for depositors and pensioners. Low interest rates can threaten pension funds and insurances. About 1 of 4 EU-citizens depend on pension income. Will there be the financial transition after the energy transition? Thus with alternative investments, the possibilities for diversification are almost unlimited. For completeness it is mentioned, that there are opportunities and structures in Alternative Investments not available for public, being reserved for so-called qualified investors. Detailed substantial information about investments are of course available at your preferences after qualifying depending on the type of investor and confidentiality.

Traditional Investments with Multi Manager style

Coronavirus crises: WorldometersJohns Hopkins University, Nextstrain
The forced De-Globalisation:
  World recession inevitable, but how long and how deep? Comparable with Spanish flu? – 1st small wave (spring 1918) and devastating 2nd wave with mutant virus (autumn 1918).
Mink breeding farms Denmark (5.11. 2020): Mutated Coronavirus in the body of mink animals transmitted to several people. Vaccine at risk.
Immunologist Anthony Fauci, Director NIAID, USA (11.9.20):
Expects for the upcoming corona vaccines an efficiency of only 70 to 75%. Thus continued protective measures in 2021.
China’s deputy agriculture minister, Kangzhen (20.4.2020):
Corona crisis could resulting in global food crisis.
Bank Zhonguyan (Peking), Chief Economist Wang Jun (19.2.2020):
Impact comparable with global financial crisis 2008.

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