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Alternative Investments   

  • Real Estate ∅ 4% – 12% return p.a. (ex. with decent leverage 40/60) in niche markets as multifamily residences, commercial centers or hotels
  • Solar Parks – Wind Parks ∅ 6% – 12% hist. ret. p.a. – the white gold
    depending on solar-wind, project-operational, countries and durations
  • P2P premium portfolios ∅ 5% historical return p.a. – Crowdinvesting
    Highly diversified by various platforms,
    business types, counterparties
  • Fine wine for investing in duty-free storage with risk to drink your profit
  • Gold in safe duty-free storages. Coloured gemstones with certificates
  • Export/Import Financing, (Reverse-) Factoring – invest in working capital
    Ex: In AAA-countries ∅ 5% – 15% hist. return p.a. depending on ratings

Investment consulting newly defined - Alternative Investments - Direct Real Assets

Economist (EIU, Peking), Dan Waang (19.2.2020): Possible up to 4.5 mio job losses in China  //  Bank Zhonguyan (Peking), Chief Economist Wang Jun (19.2.2020): more appropriate to compare the impact of coronavirus with the global financial crisis (2008) than with the Sars crisis (2002)  //  Bank Bär Chief Economist J. Acket (6.1.2020): Forecast 2020 SMI-Equities 3% <> 25.4% in 2019  //  US Federal Reserve Bank, J. Bullard (9.1.2020): 2020 Soft-Landing in USA  //  Oxford Economics UK (14.2.20): Forecast Global Growth 2020 only 2.3% (weakest since 2009)

Traditional Investments   

Did your banking advisor show you which diversification grade and risks he applied for the result of returns?

  • Cash planning, retirement pension plan
  • Investment Funds, Bonds like Green Bonds
  • Equities like additionally to Hong Kong, MSCI has included A-shares
    from Shenzhen and Shanghai in the EMMA-Index.
  • We do not recommend high leveraged derivatives, hedge funds or cryptocurrencies for speculation.
  • Today’s globalized financial world with their upward and downward movements calls for a broad diversification of traditional investments.

Diversification by alternative investments

Because of increasingly volatile financial investments like traditional stock markets, meanwhile real alternative investments are the fastest growing investment form.

The proportion of alternative investments in the portfolios for example of pension funds in Switzerland has increased continuously since the turn of the millennium. The Swiss pension funds do gain by far not anymore their target returns. A lot of pension funds both at Switzerland and abroad enlarge intentionally the asset class alternative investments selectively and diversified. The trend in real values will continue.

But not everything called real alternative investments must also be complex. Interesting opportunities are the above listed investment segments as sustainable diversification of your investment portfolios.

For direct investment, it is recommended to attend professional alternative investment consulting. For completeness it is mentioned, that there are opportunities and structures not available for public, being reserved for so-called qualified investors. Our know-how in various special areas will support you thereby.


Alternative Investments - Better returns at less volatility