residencial multi family house-mfh, logistic center, shopping center-buy or sell-off market real estate

Off Market Real Estate for more diversified portfolios – Vertical Farming with commercial real estate for logistic

Vertical Farming in advanced green urban real estate – Food Security with “Triple L”

Smart monitoring of climate control in the green houses with cloud computing
of light, CO₂, water and nutrition with higher crop yields (fruits and vegetables):

  • Up to 95% less water consumption and pesticides (data-driven)
  • 10x vertical inhouse layers possible (traditional 1 land area)
  • 10x non-stop light possible 8760 hrs/y. (traditional 800-1000 hrs/y.)
  • Up to 50x higher crop yields independent from frost, ice, heat, etc.
  • Supply Security with “Triple L“:
    Local resources, local production and local distribution

vertical farming-green house-smart drones-urban real estate-ware house

Vertical Farming with own inhouse-climate and digital smart farming - Sustainable and scalable

   Vertical farming with 365 / 7 / 24 – photosynthesis around the clock – Own inhouse-climate and digital smart agriculture – Scalable size – Fresh, delicious and high quality

Off Market Real Estate

  • Stable returns with long-term rental agreements

    • Privacy and discretion: tailor-made Off-/on-market

      • Option: Leverage with Swiss mortgage of ∅ 1%

        • Option: Due dilligence and valuation processing (DCF)

          • Core, Core Plus, Value Add or Opportunistic with optimal
            contract conditions for buyer and seller

          Income Properties

          • Residential real estate as multifamily, co living, micro living, retirement home
          • Logistic centers (distribution after online shopping), shopping event centers, commerce or industry area centers, office towers
          • 4-5 star holiday beach hotels or business city hotels from 100 rooms
          • Attractive plot of land with direct beach from 100 m and from 20’000 m²
          • Marinas as inventory object, for expansion or new construction possible
          • Commercial real estate – Switzerland, Germany, Europe or USA
          • At business hotspots with excellent infrastructure and logistics
          • At preferred locations. Distance to the airport maximum 90 minutes
          • Hotel real estate or land with permission in South Europe at Mediterranean coast, the Caribbean, Florida, South-East Asia near known tourist centers
          • At holiday hotspots with outdoor activities such as water sports

          Multi Family Houses – Shortage of affordable flats in USA

          Region “Techlanta” (Atlanta – State Georgia – Sun Belt): ∅ 75 – 300 simple flats per village with Value Add model:

          • Google and Facebook have opened large centers. Facebook investing
            1 Billion US$ to add 3 data centers. Amazon almost doubled its size.
          • GE, NCR, Honeywell moved their digital innovation center to Atlanta.
          • Black Rock opened innovation hub in Atlanta, Thyssenkrupp by 2021.
          • Largest urban redevelopment project of USA converting unused railway to 22 mile transit loop, 28 mile cross-town transit lines and 33 miles of multi-use trails connecting 45 neighborhoods (plan for converting in total ~ 132 km) – Smart City Initiative with “Atlanta Beltline”.

          mfh-multi family real estate-bond-usa

          off market real estate-income properties-usa-sun belt-georgia-atlanta


          Real Estate Switzerland (Midland), Europe (Spain), Caribbean (Bahamas)


          • Various Multifamily residences (MFH’s) with 4-90 flats available, solid tenants, no luxury, hist. return ∅ 3-4% p.a. (unleveraged), 1-40 mio CHF.
            Region Zurich, Aargau, Bern, Solothurn, Baselland, Geneva, Tessin, etc.
          • Various Building Land (with projects). Logistic-, Shopping Centers, Hotels.

          West Europe

          • 3-5 Star Hotels (Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Murcia, etc.) 2-125 mio €.
          • New Co-Living residences at trendy locations in a big cities, exp. return unleveraged ∅ 5% p.a., WALT ∅ 15 years with commercial known tenants.



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