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Real Estate As Investment - Income property

ø 6% p.a. appreciation outlook +
ø 7% p.a. expected rental net return
ø 13% p.a. Total return on equity (before taxes)

With attractive minimum returns and flexible durations


The fluid red gold

Fine Wine as investment: Profitable - liquid - enjoyable
Fine wine is suitable for investing as well,
not just drinking.
The risk is, that you might drink your profit.

For example:
1 case (OWC) Lafite Rothschild 1982
Price (1984) ø USD 300.-
Price (2017) ø USD 44'800.-

now as advisory or discretionary mandate

Wine mandates ø 45% return since 3 years (June 2018)



Your alternative
bond strategy

Sustainable against
too low interest rates

Stable cash-flows

Shorter maturity

ø hist. returns 15% on wind / solar / water projects


Your alternative money market strategy

Against too low interest rates with Export-/Import financing and Factoring

Since 2006 always positive returns


short term
ø max. 360 days

Familiy Office

Family Office Services

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For the diversification of your portfolio we
attach importance to strict manager selection.

Our ambition is to save you costs, to get you fair returns and optimal services.

Just ask – Get answers

 Strict manager selection for investments - SwissFinanceSteuber

Client process

Investment philosophy

Your benefit

  • Fundamental idea in the context with the psychological variables is in the financial markets, behavioral finance, to diversify in your future by real alternative investments. For example against too low interests rates.
  • We have no obligation in consulting you by any like insurances or banks.

Your advantages

  • Above average results due to more competition and transparency
  • Special conditions for you due to our centralized purchasing power
  • Fair banking; This allows us a overall assessment just for you
  • Tailor-made alternative investments with our innovative ideas