Tailor-made investments - Swiss Made

As a global investment boutique

we diversify with real alternative blue chips

Inefficient allocation of your green capital for too low coupons prevents successful projects
At us no Green Bonds for only negative -0.35% to 1% coupons


Your benefit

  • For your safe future to invest in real alternative investments with low correlation to traditional markets. Because psychological variables, behavioral finance,  there are to many fluctuations in the financial markets.
  • We have no obligation in consulting you by any like insurances or banks.

Your advantages

  • Fair pricing with special conditions due to our centralized purchasing power
  • Above average results due to more competition and transparency
  • Fair banking allows us an overall assessment just for you
  • Tailor-made innovative solutions against too low interests rates

Investment process

The long-term preservation of the assets and the increasing of the purchasing power is vital for the investor. With an average inflation rate, taxes and high cost of living the assets may already be exhausted within a generation without capital protection and productive return. Diversified usable real values, resp. Alternative Investments, allowed in the past in times of crisis a much better protection against asset losses. This will not change in the future.

Investment boutique with real alternative investments, which correlate little or hardly ever with the classic financial markets (bonds, equities, deposits). Furthermore long-term data show, that alternative investments can provide better returns with less volatility.

Certainly the selection of managers, the performance and risk measurement are more challenging, associated with a lower short-term liquidity. For the medium- and long-term a significant potential for above average returns are available compared to traditional asset management. This “niche” or “patience” premium can be absorbed by investors with a long time horizon.

We focus on a high quality of service and the creation of a long-term added value for you. For completeness it is mentioned, that there are opportunities and structures not available for public, being reserved for so-called qualified investors. Detailed substantial information about investments are of course available at your preferences after qualifying depending on the type of investor and confidentiality.