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———————Independent Swiss Alternative: Investment boutique with Real Sustainablility

An investment is always there if, after a thorough analysis, there is first security and only then a satisfactory return.

(Quote from Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett’s teacher)

Information about the first digital bank run:

Since long time we have no “liquide” or “illiquide” exposure, no products and no accounts with Credit Suisse. S&P-Rating of UBS: A-, Outlook: Negative (Last 7.9.23)

The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) of Zurich: Rank 5 (2007), Rank 5 (2014), Rank 10 (2021), Rank 18 (September 2023)


Your advantages

  • With more return options as well due to lower fix costs and pricing.
  • Above average results due to profound analysis of corporates & projects.
  • Fair banking approach allows us comprehensive client services.
  • Multidimensional diversification with Advanced Impact Investing.

Your benefits

  • For your safe future a real alternative investment with lower correlation to traditional markets. Because psychological variables – Behavioural Finance –
    reinforced by digitalization, there are too many fluctuations in the markets.
  • Innovative against low interest rates independent from financial institutions.


The long-term preservation of the assets and the increasing of the purchasing power is vital for the investor. Already with an average inflation rate, taxes and high cost of living the assets may be exhausted within a generation without capital protection and productive return. Diversified usable real values, resp. Alternative Investments, allowed in the past in times of crisis a much better protection against asset losses. This will not change in the future.

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Certainly the selection of managers (Alpha Alternative), the performance and risk measurement are more challenging, associated with a lower short-term liquidity. For the medium- and long-term a significant potential for above average diversified returns at much less volatility are possible compared to traditional asset management. This “niche” or “patience” premium (Beta Alternative), can be absorbed by investors with a long time horizon.

For completeness it is mentioned, that there are opportunities and structures not available for public, being reserved for so-called qualified investors. Detailed substantial information about investments are of course available at your preferences after qualifying depending on the type of investor and confidentiality.

Furthermore long-term data already show, that an alternative investment can provide better returns with less volatility. We focus on a high quality of service and the creation of a long-term added value for you. We work successfully for you worldwide with long-standing specialists in a team according to your individual wishes. Our know-how in various specialist areas will of course support you with sustainable yield pearls.

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