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Company owner Philip C. Steuber

  • Over 35 years experience in financial sector, grown up in Asia and Basel
  • Extensive activities, among others management positions or CRM, at like SWISSCANTO Asset Management (ZKB, Swiss Cantonal Bank), CREDIT SUISSE Group Private Banking, UBS Asset Management, Global Risk Control, Investment Banking (Structured Trade-, Project-Finance).
  • Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA), Swiss certified financial analyst & asset manager (Alumni AZEK), Lic.oec. (University of Zürich)
  • Swiss citizen fluent in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Long-standing alternative real sustainable investing competences with positive impacts different from traditional financial markets.

Our specialists – Local Expertise & Global Reach

  • The selection ranges from regional notaries, lawyers, real estate companies, engineers in the renewable energy and commodity areas, general Swiss custodian banks and insurances to various international specialized investment banking in the alternative, sustainable areas.
  • The regional focus is Switzerland and according to client demands as well following regions:
  • Europe
  • USA & Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Asia & Australia
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Our international network

  • London, Munich, Hamburg
  • Madrid, Marbella, Paris, Monaco
  • New York, Miami, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles
  • Santiago de Chile, Cartagena
  • Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Sydney


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