Swiss Family Office

………….Swiss Familiy Office

Traditional values – Alternative values

It requires a great deal of boldness and caution to make a great fortune. And when you have got it, it requires ten times as much to keep it.

(Quote from Nathan Mayer Rothschild)

Swiss Family Office – Basic

  • Opening Swiss Bank Account – Multi Asset Manager
  • Lower pricing, better conditions, with our Swiss lawyers
  • Emigration services to Switzerland:
  • Change of residence
  • Coaching of children, successor planning, education, schooling, training
  • Trusts, foundations, inheritance administration, finance controlling
  • “Escrow” services: Guarantee interchange of contractual benefits
  • Set-up and organisation of your own individual Family Office

Opening Swiss Bank Account - Multi Asset Manager

Swiss Family Office – Plus

  • Asset Consolidation (with/without software)
  • Traditional values like equities and bonds  
  • Participations, private equities and private debts, private funds
  • Income properties, vertical farming, green energy, commodities
  • Litigation Funding, oldtimer, art, fine wines, gemstones, gold
  • Check-up of Cost Structure of your rates and charges
  • Risk Controlling of Asset management – Manager selection
  • Financial Modeling with fair valuation and individual reporting
  • Advanced Impact Investing with Philanthropy and ROI together

swiss family office-advanced impact investing-green bonds-social bonds

Legal Financing – Real Alternative Investment

Legal Financing of selected accredited law firms (Bloomberg Law)

  • Secured (Lloyd’s of London)
  • Can protect cash-flow of companies
  • No correlation with traditional markets
  • High diversification of investment portfolios
  • Fixed returns 8-12% p.a. with more inflation protection
insurances-legal financing-lloyds of london

Real Estate services – Switzerland, West Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece), USA (Florida, Georgia), Caribbean (Bahamas)

  • Preparation of a porfolio of real estate objects at your preferences

  • Presentation and showing your selected objects with owner or agent

  • Organization of local bank (for Swiss mortgages) on your individual need

  • We negotiate better price and local conditions than on your own alone

  • Supporting you in local issues for buying your dream object successfully

real estate service-villa-switzerland-west europe-caribbean-bahamas-florida-miami

Business consulting – logistic solutions

  • Evaluation and monitoring of your Asset Management Software:
  • Portfolio features: Asset Allocation (BM, Peer Group, CAPM), Monitoring (Compliance), Ordermanagement (STP), Performance-, risc analysis (TWR/MWR, Sharpe, VaR), Reporting (B2B/B2C), …

  • Technical features: Systemarchitecture (DB, Data-Warehousing, Apps, Scalability), Middleware (SWIFT, RTW, Mapping), Web Browser (GUI, Hosting), Security (Smartcards, SSL), …

  • Operational features: 24/7, Multi currency, Update with Silent mode, Corporate Actions, Valor/ISIN/WKN aggregations, …
  • Special reports for accounting (Switzerland) and controlling
software-asset management-swiss made

Business consulting – market solutions

  • Commercial Int. (Working Cap, Corporate Finance) with partners:
  • Export- or import-finance, Currency trading
  • (Reverse) Factoring of Swiss & German suppliers
  • Set-up of business plan & Marketing material:
  • Business development for markets
  • Competitor analysis of target markets
  • Web design & site for marketing projects

Swiss Family Office – with long-term value

A stable legal and social environment as here in Switzerland, is a good pre-condition for a long-term planning of a family office. With one of the world’s lowest debt ratios Switzerland is one of the few countries with an AAA rating. Switzerland is neither a member of the EU nor the euro zone, has it’s own sovereign currency (CHF),
and achieved with a unique actively practiced direct democracy prosperity and security. Moreover, the public infrastructure in Switzerland by world standards is well developed and reliable. After the successfully opening of a Swiss Family Office, there is often a consolidation and valuation of all kind of assets needed. Especially with complex, historically grown investments a global overview and structure becomes more important.

family office-asset management-swiss made-switzerland

   Tailormade solutions according your entrepreneurial needs and current individual living situation – Swiss Finance Steuber – Advantage through know-how. You are worth it.