Fine Wine for our loyal clients

Fine Wine as investment - the red gold

Wine als alternative investment

  • Tailor-made real physical wine portfolio composed by experienced wine analysts (fundamental research and chartists)
  • Actively managed as advisory or discretionary mandate by best of the art wine portfolio managers
  • This depending on your investment horizon, target returns, risk appetite, investment level and fee structure
  • Professional selected Investment-grade wine with low correlation to “financial assets” as diversification of your traditional investment portfolio
  • Tailor-made mandates for investors with unique online wine-reporting
  • Historically less volatile than equities and with superior sharpe ratio
  • The liquidity of special fine wine is more limited compared to equities
  • Decreasing limited supply by yearly vintages – increasing consumer demand mainly by China and USA

Liv-ex 100 vs equities

Fine wine with investment grade – Store of value

Experienced portfolio managers with own research teams at the world- wide largest wine exchange and duty-free storage in London are taking care of the wine of our clients as direct investment with online reporting system.

Thus no investment fund and complementary to wine auctions or wine shops.
Top issue are now to get the high demanded and strong limited Fine Wines from Bordeaux Subscription (En Primeur), which are after often sold-out, more expensive or available only on auctions for steep prices.

Marketable OWC based, VAT & Duty Free in bond storage, no guarantee of availability, 12×75/6×75/3×75,  based on current market prices Liv-Ex.

Fine wine with Mouton Rothschild

Fine Wine and Logistics  

  • We prefer wine partners being member of LIV-EX. The London International Vintners Exchange for trading investment grade wine
  • Around £ 50’000’000 bids and offers daily (2019)
  • Real time and historic market data available (Liv-ex-indexes)
  • Calculated from the lowest prices advertised by various leading professional stockholders in the EU

  • VINE is a duty-free specialist storehouse and a Liv-Ex company
    located in London, Hong-Kong and Bordeaux
  • Online reporting system with unique case identifiers for ownership (UID) and web access to Liv-Ex prices and documentations
  • Insurance, humidity, temperature sensors and security alarm system
  • Traditionally traded in London at Liv-Ex and priced in GBP

Fine wine stored with VINE (LIV-EX) - Bordeaux, London or Hong Kong

Passion assets like Fine Wine as sustainable investment – We buy Fine Wine cellars as well

The danger with investing in wine is that you drink the profits. However, if you can hold your nerve, and choose the right vintages, the returns can be better than almost any other asset class, says Prof. Dimson from University of Cambridge (Financial Times, 11 December 2015).
For example a portfolio investment of 18 wine cases Lafite Rothschild from the vintage 1982 with the price of about £ 5’000.- (£ 4’950.-) in the year 1984 and the price of about £ 700’000.- (£ 698’832.-) in the year 2016.
There is a strong historic growth of the demanded Fine Wine investment market according to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII).

To avoid valuation and counterfeits risks, we recommend to work with our professional partners. They are well equipped with their own in-house fine wine research team. Experts estimate that only 5-10% of wine improve after 1 year. The fine wine investment market deals only with far less than 1% of the world’s wine. The aging of well selected wine can take easily several years. In 2009, a mature bottle Perrier-Jouët of 1825 was opened and drinkable, with notes of “truffles and caramel”.

If you had been invested at long-term in Fine Wine during the past, you would have done marvellously well. For to invest, it is recommended to attend real alternative investment consulting only. Our know-how can support you thereby.

Wine collectors enjoy drinking the “dividend” of the Fine Wine in which they are invested. As a matter of course for this we know specialised world-wide delivery services (local fees possible)

Fine wine selection-Robert Parker