Currency Trading (Forex) as diversification

Currency trading is biggest market of the world by far   Just ask – Get answers – Free Callback Service – Worldwide  

With currency trading on selected professional basis (Manager Selection)

  • Very low correlation (interdependency) with other markets like equities
  • Suitable as addition of an existing classical portfolio (Diversification)
  • Recommended duration from 18 months
  • With online reporting from Swiss or British custodian bank in London and daily opportunity to cancel
  • For to invest, it is recommended to attend professional investment consulting only. Our know-how can support you thereby
Currency trading (Forex)

Why one of the most attractive markets to invest?

  • Worldwide very transparent exchange rates
  • With 24-hour trading and high trading liquidity
  • Lower costs per transaction than in other markets like equities
  • This market has a daily turn-over of ~1500, in peak-time ~4000 billion US-Dollar
  • Worldwide network of banks, brokers, companies and professional currency traders
  • By far highest trading volume of all finance markets of the world

Daily turn-over in billions of US-Dollars

Milliarden pro Tag Aktien Devisen

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Comparison of the world wide trading volume.

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