Green Energy as Investment Opportunity

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simple – profitable – sustainable

To be an investor you must be a believer in a better tomorrow
(Quote from Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett’s teacher)

Energy Storage – Prior condition for Green Energy

              “This metal will be the new Gold” (Battery day 2020, Musk, TESLA)                               “The battery has won the race” (Power day 2021, Deiss, VW)

  • The more the metal component Nickel, the higher the energy storage resp. density of batteries for E-vehicles, -devices wind- or solar parks
  • Smaller, lighter, better (re-) charging, more distances, less costs

    • World’s biggest battery factory at Germany in construction by TESLA
    • “Battery Day 2020”, Tesla confirms Nickel as preferred choice
    • Supported by “EU Battery Innovation” program (January 2021)
      • 6 battery factories planned by VOLKSWAGEN in Europe (March 2021).

        • MERCEDES EQS (summer 2021) up to 770 km range with battery in a 8:1:1-ratio active material made of nickel, cobalt and manganese.

        battery metal-nickel-cobalt-elon musk-tesla

        Green Mining – Strategic commodities (rankings 2019 Australia) – Partner int. commodity bank from Europe

        • World’s biggest Nickel reserves and by 2030 production of more than estimated 25% globally. Among highest base metal demand growth.
        • 2nd biggest Cobalt reserves (after Congo), 3rd largest production.
        • 2nd biggest Lithium reserves (after Chile). World’s largest production.
        • 3rd biggest Silver reserves (after Peru, Poland), 4th in production.
        • World’s biggest Gold reserves and 2rd largest production (after China).
        => Battery Metals demand could increase to 500% until 2050 (source World Bank)

        green mining-commodities-battery metals-energy storage-australia

        Clean Tech – Precision Farming – Partner int. supermarket chains from Germany – “Dual Return” and “Triple L”

           Vertical Farming with 24/7 Green Houses and digital Smart Farming (West Europe)                            

        Smart monitoring of climate control in the green houses with cloud computing
        of light, CO2, water and nutrition for fruits and vegetables:

        • Use of renewable energy of solar- and wind parks. > Neutral Energy
        • Up to 95% less fresh water. With condensation water of air humidity, collecting raining water or from desalination plants. > Neutral Water
        • Drones for local resources and delivery > Neutral Supply Chain
        • Local resources, local production, local distribution. > Triple L

        vertical farming-green house-smart drones-precision farming

        Green Energy & Clean Tech – Net Clean Biofuel from used cooking oil – Partner int. US fast food chains – “Dual Return” and “Triple L”

        The growing importance of renewable energy in alternative investments like green bonds demands a competence in this infrastructure area. For example solar plants in the desert of Morocco, solar plants in China (BBC TV) or algae plantations in the sea, as long-term third-generation biofuel, could support energy needs and reduce CO2 in the coming future (study „Negative carbon via ocean afforestation“, Uni Florida, 2012).
        On a short-term converting environmental problem of waste to renewable energy (WTE) like to invest in recycling used cooking oil for biofuel, has an enormous potential – especially in countries with poor public infrastructure. An average reduction up to 90% in global warming gases was determined for biofuel made from waste fats (study RFS2, EPA, 2010).

        green bond-bio fuel with used kitchen oil-mc donald's-nestlé-kfc-pepsi-ikea-recycling

        Basically with vetegable biofuel from used cooking oil (change process of transesterification), diesel engines are able to run without modifications. As various trucks, buses, ships or generators in daily use simple switchable.

        This kind of vegetable biofuel can have very advanced lubrication level unlike traditional fossil fuel. Thus better engine performance, extending engine life, reducing costs and sustainable less dirty emissions.

        iscc-world's largest certification system for biomass and biofuel

               R. Diesel, “The use of vegetable oils for fuels may become important once” (1912)  –  Now to invest with  “TRIPLE L”  for “local resources, local production and local distribution”.

        Green Energy with Solar Park Portfolios (“Income” or “Growth”) – Worldwide (Investment grade)

        • Stable returns with long-term power purchase agreements (PPA/VPPA)
          • Reduction of volatility in a traditional investment portfolio
            • Optimal contract conditions with reporting – No “Green washing”
              • At excellent solar zones, lendable objects for investments
                • 1 MW – 1200 MW Sizes available – Splittable for investors
                => Land (securable), Development (Pre-RTB), Ready-to-Build (RTB) or Turn-Key

                solar parks-spv-epc-o&m-ppa-Pre rtb-rtb-turn key

                clean tech-solar parks-australia-usa-spain-japan-brazil-germany,austria-switzerland

                Solar Parks with hydrogen technology future

                Overproduction of electricity from solar plants can be used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. This recovered hydrogen with a multiple density than gasoline goes then in mobile fuel cells from trucks, buses, cars, trains, ships, buildings or electrical devices to convert back to electricity (practical form of reverse electrolysis). With this hydrogen technology as ideal clean energy storage buffer in the alternative value chain, power grids can be sustainably relieved.
                The so-called “solar paint”, with 3 already existing innovative basic types, but so far inefficient, expensive and not scalable, could then be in the future complementable for end users anywhere.
                See also “Why Apple and Google are going solar plants (BBC TV).

                solar parks-grid parity-sustainable investment

                Solar Roofs Switzerland, Germany, Austria (DACH-Region)

                The production of Solar and Wind energy are expected to increase by the factor 60 resp. 13 from 2015 to 2050. A Global Grid Parity as an enormous potential turning point can be reached towards around 2030.
                And there is already existing in more than 30 countries a local Grid Parity (Source: McKinsey, Our Insights, Global Energy Perspective 2019).

                Even with a relatively small investment, the investment requirement for green bonds can be diversified individually according to different asset classes, regions, access routes and project pipeline – energy supply, water and sewage systems, communication, transport and traffic, education or health.
                This can results in various long-term above-average return opportunities for the investor as possible as passive income.

                renewable energy-solar roofs-grid parity-green bonds

                     ETH Prof. Gunzinger (entrepreneur Switzerland):  “Solar power now cheaper than conventional electricity and petroleum”  (SRF Broadcast ECO 6.1.2020) >> Grid Parity Boom !

                Green Energy with Wind Park Portfolios – Seasonal diversification (Hybrid PPA’s) – Worldwide (Investment grade)

                • Global average wind produced ~17% more energy in 2017 than in 2010. Wind speeds predicted 37% more by 2024 (Source Princeton University).
                • With around half a million wind power plants worldwide, the technology is well matured and scalable.
                • Wind power plants produce the most electricity during the winter months. An ideal seasonal diversification of solar plants.
                • About 99% of the land area for wind parks can continue to be used as for agriculture or solar plants (hybrid plants)

                wind energy plants-seasonal diversification of solar power plants

                solar roof-wind park-solar park

                Green Energy as Impact Investment – The better Green Bonds

                • Individual or standard solution by preference – Scalable and splittable
                • Diversification with low correlation to traditional „financial assets“
                • Inelastic demand for basic supply – predictable revenue cash flows
                • Ideally a diversified portfolio of direct and indirect investments
                  mainly in the public area of infrastructure – Inflation protection
                • Preferably in industrialised countries with investment grade or
                  safe advanced refinancing techniques like – “Pay-as-you-go”

                impact Investment-renewable energy-power mix-solar-wind-biofuel-battery metals

                Renewable Energy for Infrastructure – Green- and Brownfieldmix Investment

                investment green and brown field mix-renewable energy-infrastructure-solar-biofuel-wind-battery metal

                => By preference of objects, currencies, duration, countries, projects/in operation, variable dividends/fixed coupons

                => Option: With preference out of the goals for sustainable development as clean water (6) and Energy (7),
                sustainable cities and communities (11), consumption and production (12) and climate action (13) – UN SDG’s.