Swiss Family Office

Actual: Swiss Banks to sell

Family office services   

  • Asset Consolidation and Controlling:
  • Traditional investments like equities and bonds  
  • Participations, private equities and debts, private funds
  • Real estate, solar parks, land, forest, patents, brands
  • Art, oldtimer, antiques, gemstones, gold, fine wine

  • Check-up of Cost Structure of your rates and charges:
  • Banks, insurances, wealth managers, trustees

  • Risk Controlling of Asset managers – Manager selection

Our Family Office services - Swiss Bank Account opening with our independent Lawyer

Trustee services

  • Opening Swiss Bank Account or US (Miami) – Multi Asset Manager
  • Lower pricing, better conditions, with our Swiss or US lawyers
  • Emigration services to Switzerland:
  • Change of residence
  • Coaching of children, successor planning, inheritance administration
  • Trusts, foundations, philanthropy with ROI – Yes, we can
  • “Escrow” services:
  • Guarantee interchange of contractual benefits
  • Set-up and organisation of your own individual Family Office
  • Special Service: Swiss Banks to sell (single transaction based)

Real Estate search services

  • Preparation of a porfolio of real estate objects at your preferences

  • Presentation and showing your selected objects with owner or agent

  • Organization of local bank for Swiss mortgages on your individual need

  • Optional introduction for local third party valuation on your advantage

  • We negotiate better price and local conditions than on your own alone

  • Supporting you in local issues for buying your dream object successfully

Insurance services – Check-up: Competitor Analysis

Did the insurance advisor show you how your health insurance premiums, pension fund contributions or life insurance payments have been invested?

  • Life insurances, health insurances (Switzerland)
  • Property insurances
    (household, jewellery, art, oldtimer, ships)

    If not, then it’s possible that you have some investment products in your portfolio, which have not performed in the financial crisis years. Meaning less return to get, resp. more premiums to pay.

Our Family Office services: Check-Up (Swiss Made)

Business consulting for market solutions

  • Commerical Int. (Working Cap, Corporate Finance) with partners:
  • Export- or import-finance, Currency trading
  • Factoring of Swiss & German suppliers
  • Set-up of business plan & Marketing material:
  • Business development for markets
  • Competitor analysis of target markets
  • Web design & site for marketing projects

Business consulting for logistics solutions

  • Company analysis and valuation (SWOT)
  • Evaluation and monitoring of your Porfoliomanagement Software:
  • Portfolio features: Asset Allocation (BM, Peer Group, CAPM), Monitoring (Compliance), Ordermanagement (STP), Performance-, risc analysis (TWR/MWR, Sharpe, VaR), Reporting (B2B/B2C), …
  • Technical features: Systemarchitecture (DB, Data-Warehousing, Apps, Scalability), Middleware (SWIFT, RTW, Mapping), Web Browser (GUI, Hosting), Security (Smartcards, SSL), …
  • Operational features: 24/7, Multi currency, Update with Silent mode, Corporate Actions, Valor/ISIN/WKN aggregations, …
  • Special reports for accounting (Switzerland) and controlling
Our Family Offce services - SWOT Evaluation of Asset Management software

Long-term value with services of our Family Office Switzerland

A stable legal and social environment as here in Switzerland, is a good pre-condition for a long-term planning of a family office. With one of the world’s lowest debt ratios Switzerland is one of the few countries with an AAA rating. Switzerland is neither a member of the EU nor the euro zone, has it’s own sovereign currency (CHF),
and achieved with a unique actively practiced direct democracy prosperity and security. Moreover, the public infrastructure in Switzerland by world standards is well developed and reliable.

After the successfully opening a Swiss Bank account with us, there is often a consolidation and valuation of all assets needed. Especially with complex, historically grown investments a global overview and structure became more important. Services are provided by ourselves or with proven qualified specialist together.

Family Office Switzerland - Long-term added value - Botero